For your film to qualify for Nollywood Film Critics' Awards, it must be produced by Africans, feature some Africans in the continental Africa and or by Africans in the Diaspora. (Films for Foreign Film Category are exempted)
Films must be produced the year before or early months before the deadline and of any year if unreleased to any market. All films must be received by the deadline. Please provide all Original Music Scores and Soundtracks on separate CDs for those categories

Nominations are from the submitted films, music score and soundtracks Note: NAFCA does not nominate based on trailers. We watch and write full reviews of all films. Please visit our film critics website for more information on how you can submit your films throughout the year

NOLLYWOOD & AFRICAN PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS are available for online voting where fans can cast their votes for their various nominees under the available categories for those awards. Winners of Nollywood & African People's Choice Awards will be announced at the award ceremony. Voting for main categories will be conducted by Nollywood Film Critics USA and its board members.

This award category will recognize an individual either living or otherwise who have excelled tremendously in the African film industry . Honored recipients may not necessarily be of the film industry but must have one way or the other contributed to the development of the film industry or and humanity (humanitarian).

People who love the art

All comments and inquiries must be in writing for record keeping. Please we welcome all to
participate in the process. We value your input a great deal and we prefer communications by email.
Please limit the amount of phone calls
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